Reality Decks goes a bit more public

Last week I decided it was time to go a bit more public on Reality Decks. I posted a video on reddit showing a first person view of me DJing.

I beat matched two of my favourite tracks (that I used to play out lots in my Electro Swing sets!). This gave people the opportunity to see lots of the practicalities of DJing in VR, e.g. grabbing a record, cueing up the track, using the headphones, faders, eq, etc.

The response was fantastic!, better than I had hoped and since then I’ve been inundated with messages, feature requests and people signing up to try the beta.

So far beta 0.5 is holding up well. During development I’ve been testing RD on two computers, a PC and a Dell Alienware laptop. Despite them both running Windows 10, having a 1060 GPU and similar CPU, I still experienced bugs that only manifested themselves on one computer and not the other. So I just wasn’t sure whether a bunch of ugly bugs might appear as people tried it on different configurations. So far so good.

The feature requests are rolling in with people interested in everything from having 12 decks, virtual crowds, and some more complex audio equipment in there as well as many small workflow improvements. I’m collating it all and once we get the first version out we’ll be starting to build these out.

Philip Mackenzie