New beta version

I’ve just released a new beta version 0.5 of Reality Decks with the following changes:

Improved UX from beta testing feedback – UI bigger, easier to read long album titles and remembers your selection
Headphones no longer disappear into mixer
Performance improvements
Can now deal with corrupted audio files
Bug fix to headphone/hand attachment
Bug fix whereby records got lost when left on the table

This is the first build to address the first issues noticed by our beta testers – thank you all for taking the time to give it a spin and writing our your feedback.

The app has proven quite robust on different hardware and random music collections which is awesome. Most of the issues so far are usability, which is to be expected as VR is hard to get right in this area and everyone has a different idea of what right is! Hopefully this release goes some way to address these – in particular for the file browser. It should now be much easier to find your tracks.

Philip Mackenzie