Reality Decks Release History

v1.2 - 28 June 2018

Built-in BPM detection.
Pitch shifted BPM displayed on turntable (can be disabled in settings).
Now loads track artwork in UI and vinyls (can be disabled in settings).
New view for loading vinyls, can view artwork and grab directly from the menu (old method still supported).
Major performance improvements for large numbers of folders and files.
Multi-select and Select All in UI, e.g. analyse the BPM of a folder or add multiple files to a playlist at once.
You can now add files from one playlist into another.
Hand is now visible when touching the record.
Fixed bug with record button moving out of line.
Now remembers settings for DJ screen and 3rd party camera on/off.
Help prompts in GUI UI.
Added links to Discord channel.
Smoother loading screen.

v1.1 - 11 May 2018

Multiple audio outputs (route audio to your speakers without hearing the headphone cue).
3rd party camera angle (for recording videos of your DJ sets).
Split headphone cueing (attach the headphones to your head and cue in left, right or both ears).
Headphones no longer drop to the floor when re-attaching them to the desk hook.
Fixed bug which sometimes could cause start/stop button on turntable to be unresponsive.
Fixed crash affecting some Windows 7 users.
Fixed some menu instability.
Fixed occasional distortion on recordings.
New featured artist track from LazrJet.

v1.0 - 22 Feb 2018

Initial release to Oculus Store

Now has playlists, add/remove/edit with on screen keyboard
New fine touch control for knobs and sliders, use grip for coarse (highlights red), use trigger for fine (highlights green)
For scratching you can now use the grip when touching the record - allows you to move your hand away while still manipulating the record
Now ships with music from featured artists and practice tracks
New branding and 3D logos
Significant performance improvements
Menu can be operated using standard Oculus menu button

Known issues:
Artwork on vinyl temporarily disabled
Sometimes frame drops when hitting record for the first time
Headphones drop to the floor before returning to default location
Occasional audio artefact when rolling the record backwards past the beginning
Heads up display sometimes shows track position moving without needle on platter


New branding and 3D logos


Scratching or playing with the vinyl should now feel more natural (e.g. try a spinback/spin forward while record playing)
Fixed an issue whereby some avatar eyewear disrupted the view
Fixed frame rate judder when loading a track or browsing large folders
Fixed some audio clicks and pops
Artwork disabled on the record temporarily as it was causing another frame rate judder issue


Improved UX from beta testing feedback - UI bigger, easier to read long album titles and remembers your selection
Headphones no longer disappear into mixer
Performance improvements
Can now deal with corrupted audio files
Bug fix to headphone/hand attachment
Bug fix whereby records got lost when left on the table


First Beta release


New instruction video on startup
Removed experimental BPM detection due to stability issues


New touch menu system
New visual look
BPM detection (experimental)
Many fixes and refinements to workflow


Initial alpha release of Reality Decks.