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Featured Track: Present Tense

grownuplife represents a new start for UK musician / producer Charlie Baxter, who has been dropping beats and wreaking havoc in the alternative music scene for over 10 years. Taking time out from the grind of playing in touring bands, grownuplife is about making something very separate, more personal, and more in-tune with the life of the worn-out millennials — music for the generation who’d rather Netflix and chill than head out on an all-night rager.

With a fresh sound for older ears, grownuplife takes inspiration from hip-hop, future bass and chilled-out R&B. The contemporary production combines an up-to-date electronic sound palette of throbbing synths and pitched down samples with organic live instrumentation of clean guitar breaks and catchy vocal hooks. The project was birthed from collaborations and the two EPs released so far feature contributions from a wide range of talent including UK rapper JPDL, pop-rock vocalist Crispy, singer-songwriter Pete Hick, and alt-pop/r&b artist Dan Cooper on latest single 'we did it twice yesterday'.

The self-produced digital EPs 'back in the day' and 'present tense', alongside singles and remixes are all available via Bandcamp, with a third EP planned for later this year.


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