What PC specifications are required?

VR compatible PC running Windows 7 or greater (Win 10 recommended)

Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers

1060GPU or later equivalent

What are the specs of the turntable?

Direct drive / brake /slipmat modelling

+/- 8% pitch fader

33/45 speed


Power (wind down)

What are the specs of the mixer?

2 channel mixer with crossfader

Virtual headphones

Gain + 3 band EQ

Record button

Cue/Mix balance

Headphone volume

Can I use Reality Decks to learn to DJ?

Absolutely! The app comes with 5 practice tracks and 6 tutorial videos taking you through the basics of DJing. The videos cover:

The Basic Controls

Using the headphones


Using the turntable

Slip cueing

Beatmatching basics

Why are the controls (e.g. faders, EQ) moving too fast/slow?

There are coarse and fine precision modes for all faders and rotary controls (e.g. EQ, gain, headphone volume and cue/mix).

Use the trigger button on the Oculus controller for fine precision, the control will turn green.

Use the grip button for coarse control, the control will turn red.

The use of this control is covered in the Turntable video which can be found in the help menu.