Reality Decks v1.2 Update Out Now

Reality Decks v1.2 has been released as a free update.

With this version DJing is now easier with built-in BPM detection. The app also now loads track artwork and this is displayed on a newer, bigger UI.

This video covers the changes:

Full list of changes:

Built-in BPM detection.
Pitch shifted BPM displayed on turntable (can be disabled in settings).
Now loads track artwork in UI and vinyls (can be disabled in settings).
New view for loading vinyls, can view artwork and grab directly from the menu (old method still supported).
Major performance improvements for large numbers of folders and files.
Multi-select and Select All in UI, e.g. analyse the BPM of a folder or add multiple files to a playlist at once.
You can now add files from one playlist into another.
Hand is now visible when touching the record.
Fixed bug with record button moving out of line.
Now remembers settings for DJ screen and 3rd party camera on/off.
Help prompts in GUI UI.
Added links to Discord channel.
Smoother loading screen.

Philip Mackenzie