18 months ago I tried VR for the first time and was blown away by the experience. We all knew VR was coming at some point, but the real thing was better than I imagined. As most people do, I started to brainstorm about all the amazing possibilities of this new medium.

Meanwhile I was running short of space for my music studio and DJing setup at home (I DJ and produce as Phil Mac). When I had a gig coming up I'd have to pack away some studio gear to make room for the decks to practice! It occurred to me that perhaps I could create a DJ setup in VR that I would be happy to use instead of my home setup.

It also occurred to me that if I could get the decks right then a floodgate of possibilities would open; in particular DJing in different spaces (Ibiza?, the local pub?!) and creating lots of weird and wonderful equipment without having to physically build it.

I got an Oculus Rift and started with a bunch of experiments in Unity. I got a basic turntable working, tried some different spaces and started to build out the core of a low latency audio engine that would work well in VR. I soon realised that it was not only possible to do this, but it's also ridiculously good fun to DJ in VR! Reality Decks was born.

Since then the project has taken on a life of its own. I'm working on it full time now and have Kat helping me with 3D modelling. Together we're working really hard to get a beta version finished and out there for you to try.


Philip Mackenzie