Reality Decks Beta 0.9

Reality Decks Beta 0.9 released today. I cut versions 0.7 and 0.8 internally but they had mixed branding which was a bit confusing, so this is the first beta update of 2018...and we're very close to a 1.0 for general release :-)

* Now has playlists, add/remove/edit with on screen keyboard
* New fine touch control for knobs and sliders, use grip for coarse (highlights red), use trigger for fine (highlights green)
* For scratching you can now use the grip when touching the record - allows you to move your hand away while still manipulating the record
* Now ships with music from featured artists and practice tracks
* New branding and 3D logos
* Significant performance improvements
* Menu can be operated using standard Oculus menu button

Known issues:
* Artwork on vinyl temporarily disabled
* Sometimes frame drops when hitting record for the first time
* Headphones drop to the floor before returning to default location
* Occasional audio artifact when rolling the record backwards past the beginning
* Heads up display sometimes shows track position moving without needle on platter

Philip Mackenzie