Realities Centre AR/VR Demo Night

Last night we demoed Reality Decks for the first time in public at the Realities Centre AR/VR demo/pitch night.

They had quite a decent sound system so we plugged Reality Decks into the house desk and got the the music on as people arrived at the venue.



There were lots of interesting pitches from people working on a variety of VR/AR projects from tools to healthcare. I spoke briefly about my journey so far developing Reality Decks, demoed some capabilities and invited people to try it for themselves. We had lots of people keen to get on the decks and a few non-DJs even managed to do a decent job of beat matching!


I’ve found that for VR it’s immensely useful to watch people interacting with your world. They always surprise you whether its a novice or advanced VR user. Last night was no exception and we got tons of useful feedback from seeing people operating the decks, twisting knobs on the mixer and browsing for music.

Thanks to Tom and John at the Realities Centre for having us and to everyone who tried out RD on the night.

Philip Mackenzie