Reality Decks it out!

In Jan 2017 I had the VR headset on looking at an early prototype of what has now become Reality Decks. It was a crude mockup, just basically a volume control and the ability to start and stop some music. But I knew this was it!, a project worthy of serious time and dedication - and today, here it is on public release.

For me virtual reality is the ultimate creative medium. I also believe it's the next logical step for music technology. I wanted to be part of creating this new world and so Reality Decks is my way of making a start.

I've had some amazing help in making this happen, in particular Kat from Audrey Whelan Design who worked with me to design the decks, and who built the 3D models. There are also many more people who tried prototypes, advised, contributed music and just lent words of encouragement - thank you all!

We're only getting started. I look forward to sharing this exciting journey ahead with you.



Philip Mackenzie