Reality Decks - Out this week!

I'm delighted to announce that Reality Decks is being released on the Oculus Store this week, 22 February 2018!

See below for the official trailer and here are the product specs that will appear on the store:

A new era in music technology begins. DJ, record and create in VR without physical audio gear.

Load your own music files as virtual vinyl or get started quickly using the 10 bundled tracks from featured artists.

6 instruction videos guide you through the basics. Includes 5 specially recorded tracks for learning/practice and 25 vocal hooks for scratching.

Record a DJ mix using only your Oculus headset and touch controllers while watching yourself perform in the DJ mirror.

In-app videos:

  • Introduction to the basic controls
  • Headphones
  • Playlists
  • Turntable fun with vocal hooks
  • Slip cueing
  • Beat matching basics


  • Virtual headphones with spacialised audio
  • Real-time waveforms
  • Vinyl grooves created from audio
  • Create/save/edit playlists
  • Coarse/fine precision controls

RDT-100 Turntable: natural direct drive/brake/slipmat modelling, heads up display, +/- 8% pitch, 33/45, power, scratch and spinback

RDM-100 Mixer: 2ch, 3 band EQ, gain, faders, crossfader, record, cue/mix


Philip Mackenzie